L O O K I N , L E A D O U T

— Know Yourself —

 Group Coaching & Training

Hello New Manager!

  • Do you work extra hours and still feel behind?
  • Do you struggle to let go of the reins?
  • Are you unsure that you will enjoy the same success as a team leader that you did as an individual contributor?
  • Do you wish you had a group of peers you could talk to that understood what you are going through?
  • Do you wish you had a trusted advisor?

We hear you.  We have been there.  And we want to help.

If you said “yes to some or all of the above, LookIn, LeadOut — Know Yourself might be right for you.

LookIn, LeadOut — Know Yourself is a group coaching and training program designed to help each manager discover and grow his or her unique potential. We use the Tilt 365 True Tilt Profile assessment and the Enneagram Instincts (IVQ) assessment to help you learn more about your individual strengths and tendencies. Together, these assessments will help you focus your development—as a manager, as a leader, and as a human being—in the areas you find most valuable.

Today’s new managers will be tomorrow’s leaders. We want to help you become the best leader you can be because we all benefit from good leaders.

We designed LookIn, LeadOut to share the knowledge, skills and insights that we wish we had known when we were new managers. We also designed LookIn, LeadOut to provide a collaborative, supportive learning environment that we believe new managers will enjoy. We did not want someone telling us how to do our jobs, so we won’t tell you how to your job. While we have learned a thing or two during our combined 50+ years in management, we recognize things change. And we know, that some of the challenges of being a manager are timeless.

We created this program to help new managers like You; it is our way of paying it forward. Let’s learn together.

If LookIn, LeadOut — Know Yourself sounds right for you, please sign up now to reserve your seat ($150 deposit required).

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